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Section 9 - Information Technology


9.1 Policy on Review, Approval and Compliance with Information Technology Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

9.2 Policy on Appropriate Use

9.2.1 Procedures for Appropriate Use Violations

9.2.2 Password Procedure

9.3 Policy on Wireless Radio Frequency Airspace

9.6 Student Access to Personal Computers

9.7 Policy on Mass Electronic Mail

        9.7.1 Procedures for Use of Mass Electronic Mail

Telecommunications and Networking

9.4 Policy on Telecommunications and Networking

9.4.1 Procedures for Underground Telecommunications and Networking Distribution System

9.4.2 Procedures for Connection to the University’s Telecommunications and Networking Infrastructure

9.4.3 Procedures for Low Voltage Media Installations

9.4.4 Procedures for Telecommunications and Networking Installations in New and Remodeled Space

9.4.5 Procedures for Long Distance Business Related Telephones Authorization Codes and Calling Cards

9.4.6 Procedures for Personal Long Distance Telephone Calling Card Calls

9.4.7 Procedures for Billing

9.4.8 Procedures for Use of Telephone Call Records

9.4.9 Procedure for Acquisition of Mobile Communications Equipment and Related Data Services for University Business


9.4.10 Procedures for Minimum Retention Times for Electronic Stored Information

University Websites

9.5 Policy on Creation of University Websites

9.5.1 Procedures for Establishing a Web Presence and Domain Names

9.5.2 Procedures for Establishing Essential Elements in a University Website with a Public Presence

9.5.3 Procedures for meeting Website Accessibility Requirements

9.5.4 Procedures for Submitting Campus Map Updates and Special University-Wide Web Images and Announcements

9.5.5 Procedures for University Web Privacy Notices and Practices


9.8 Information Security Program Policy

     9.8.1 Data Classification Procedure

     9.8.2 Procedure for Securing and Accessing Each Data/System Classification

     9.8.3 Procedures Define Enterprise Data Repository Management Roles and Responsibilities

     9.8.4 Procedures for Requesting, Granting, and Removing Access to the Enterprise Data Repository

     9.8.5 Procedures for Non-Affiliated Individuals Requesting Access

     9.8.6 Procedures for Information Technology Security Incident Reporting

     9.8.7 Procedures for Administration of the Enterprise Data Repository

     9.8.8 Electronic Signature Procedures

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